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  • Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Deja Vu Protection Services can help you keep your car looking new by protecting it against the ever-growing list of damage that is encountered on a daily basis.

Paint Protection Film or PPF is a clear and thick layer of thermoplastic urethane that is installed onto the exterior surface of your car. Its self-healing capabilities can protect original paint from occurrences such as abrasions, stone chips, road debris, swirl marks, contaminants, and many more. In turn, this assists you in maintaining a brand new look and can save you from making costly repairs. 

Deja Vu’s PPF service can be applied to your entire vehicle, including the painted surfaces, headlights, and mirror covers, and is performed right here in our Narellan store. The PPF that we use enhances the appearance of your paint finish whilst adding extreme protection.

PPF Gallery

Full Front

Starting from $2800

Track Pack

Starting from $3300

Full Wrap

Starting from $6800

Stealth Conversion

Starting from $7700

We are XPEL Certified

Dejavu Protection are certified XPEL installers. Meaning we only use XPEL films, XPEL’s DAP software to computer cut our films, guaranteeing the best install possible.

We cut all our film in house on our plotter and modify our patterns to cover areas other shops may not. At Deja Vu we thrive on a job that you wont have issues with, protecting your investment against the test of time.

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Optional Extras

Upgrade your PPF package or add on specific panels you feel may need that extra physical protection to your ceramic coating package.

PPF Double ups – Extra full panel protection

Impact Zones – Stress free protection

Luggage Kits – Designed to handle everyday ware and tare

Vehicles We Service

Ask Us About Our Full Slate Of Vehicles

  • Muscle Cars

  • Sports Cars

  • Sedans

  • SUVs

  • 4WDs

  • Road Bikes

  • Choppers

  • Scooters

  • Boats

  • Jetskis

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